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How to Book a Photographer.

I know how confusing the process of finding and booking a photographer can be. From the hundreds of photographers to the many offerings each gives, there can be an overwhelming amount of information to shuffle through. The most important aspects when shopping for a photographer are:

- Your desired length of time (How long will it realistically take to set up and accomplish the goals you'd like to achieve)

- How many locations do you want to shoot? (Is the photographer going to have to drive to several locations for the event or shoot? This will add time to the shoot)

- How many edits do you want? (Most photographers will fix this to the amount of shooting time but may offer additional edits for extra cost)

- WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? (Seems obvious but the most important question to ask yourself is this, when looking for a photographer. The more info you give a photographer about your shoot, the more they'll be able to personalize it for you with better results.)

I try to stay very clear about my pricing and how the booking process operates but please feel free to reach out to me if you have any recommendations on how I can make this process as easy as possible so we can get to taking awesome pictures! Check out my website to see how my options work for you!

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